Mar 7: Yesterday

My return to Sunshine was delayed by an extra day spent getting back from Big White. You can read about it here and here. Our journey home was blocked by a storm, and that storm allegedly dumped 121 cm on Sunshine in 4 days. I say “alleged” because I wasn’t here to stick my pole […]

Mar 3: And even more snow, but…

Big White reported another 14 cm overnight (plus 2 cm during the day yesterday, which was probably 1/8th of what really fell). Indeed the freshies were everywhere (again). I was easily able to find blow in and drifted places of knee deep or better. But… The snow was much heavier than it has been. It […]

Mar 1 & 2: Snow, snow, and more snow

March 1 dawned fairly clear with the hill reporting 7 cm overnight and 14 cm in 24 hrs. Note: I like the idea of a 12 & 24 hr snow report. How much fell overnight is important for those powderhounds among us who want to know how much fresh there has been overnight, as opposed […]

Feb 29: Big Whiteout lives up to its name

The snow of which I wrote about yesterday quit after an hour, but obviously it started up early this morning, because we awoke to a blizzard but only about 3 cm on the groomers. However, it stayed Big White foggy most of the day… …and snowed, sometimes heavily, on and off most of the day, […]

Feb 27: Cliffing

My skiing companions were all busy this morning, so I was on my own, and decided to run laps in the Cliff for a while. The snow is pretty crusty in there, I suspect from some of the sun and wind we have had over the last few days. It took me about 4 laps […]

Feb 27: Calm and Blue

The entire day was perfect blue sky and virtually no wind, and aside from a pretty chilly -17° morning, it was a really nice day. There very little untracked powder left around, but the ungroomed tracked stuff was very soft. We got over to Gem Lake today and got in a couple of runs in […]