Feb 26: Typical Big White powder

I’ve been coming to Big White for 16 years around this time of year, and we always get powder days while we are here. It was snowing when we arrived yesterday, and snowed all night. It even dawned a bit snowy. So there was a very sweet blanket of 10-15 cm everywhere to start the […]

Feb 23: All weather, all the time

At times today it was: Sunny and calm Sunny and snowing Overcast and windy Foggy and snowing and calm A total whiteout blizzard Sunny and very windy In fact, it moved between these conditions continuously. In the AM, despite the overcast, it was occasionally surprisingly bright up on Divide, with fairly good viz. But things […]

Feb 22: Great, then not so great

It started off about as good as ski days get, with blue sky, little wind, nice temps (probably -5° or better most of the day) and lots of fresh snow. The hill was reporting 20 cm, but about half of that fell during the day yesterday, so there was easily 8-15 cm fresh in most […]

Feb 21: Back to January

From many perspectives, January was a stellar month at Sunshine. It snowed every day, and there was powder all over the place. The temps were typically -10 to -8°, so cool but not cold. But the viz was usually poor, and about half the time the winds were a pain. Today was “deja vu all […]

Feb 18: Snowing

It started snowing around the Banff townsite on my way in, and it snowed all day, finally giving up as the day drew to a close. That doesn’t mean there was no viz; even up in the cloud on Divide, the viz was entirely adequate. It was sunnier over on Goat’s Eye all day, and […]

Feb 17: Pockets of Greatness

While mostly a blue sky day, it was still an interesting weather day. It started with a cap cloud on Divide that was curling over onto Delirium that looked very surreal. On and off during the day, it snowed, but without a cloud in sight. The hill wasn’t reporting anything new overnight, but I’m sure […]