Feb 15: See yesterday

Today was a carbon copy of yesterday, though the powder is now mostly tracked out. Same sun. Same chilly temps. Same lack of wind (mostly). Same crowd (okay, maybe a slightly smaller crowd). A nice day, but a bit better to be cruising the very silky groomers than venturing too far into the boonies.

Feb 14: MUCH better

The hill was reporting 12 cm overnight, and that’s what we found everywhere. Interestingly, it was not deeper (or shallower) anywhere; typically I’ll find deeper stuff up high, or places where it blew in, but not today. It sure looked nice. The challenge was what was underneath. On things that had been groomed recently, you […]

Feb 10: Groomers in the blue

I heard it snowed in Calgary today. Not at Sunshine. Another beautiful blue sky day. A bit of inversion gave -10° in the parking lot, -8° in the village and -5° up top with virtually no wind, but neither the sun nor the temps softened the snow. So it was a “cruise the groomers” day, […]

Feb 9: Ice blue

Another Tooney Thursday means we were at Norquay again, this time on a blue sky day with perfect temps (-2°) and no wind. MUCH busier than last time with the main lot full (by 11 AM) and the overflow lot in use. Norquay hasn’t had snow in a week but with Norquay it’s hard to […]

Feb 6: The Aftermath of a Spring Weekend

Follow a weekend of spring temperatures and snow with a cold day and you get: a groomer day. The only way the conditions could have been good today was if (1) the sun came out, and was warm, or (2) it snowed a bunch. I give you the AM on the top of Goat’s Eye. […]

Ski Tips #3: How to ski the best part of Goat’s Eye

Ski Tips #3: How to ski the best part of Goat’s Eye

In my humble opinion, having skied at Sunshine for 30+ years, there’s a chunk of Goat’s Eye that is vastly underutilized. It features, in my opinion, Sunshine’s best terrain, best big mountain experience and best powder retention. It’s not the easiest terrain on the mountain, but if you know how to get in and get […]