Feb 4: More spring

Another warm blue sky day, but not as warm as yesterday. As I predicted, there were lots of crusty bits around in the AM, and spots like Bye Bye Bowl… …didn’t get good until after 1 PM. The snow was nice in the TP Chutes area, showing some temperature effects but not much sun crust […]

Feb 3: Spring in February?

A bluebird day with virtually no wind and really mild temps, including an inversion. It was -9° in the parking lot but only -3° at Goat’s Eye base at 10:15. And WOW did it ever get warm in certain places. The top of the Wildside Chute (a protected amphitheater with the sun beating down on […]

Feb 1: Like yesterday, sort of

Today was a lot like yesterday only with more sun, fewer powder stashes and even less wind. It started sunny, and stayed sunny most of the day on Goat’s Eye. You can see from the photo above that there was a little bit better than a dusting on the groomed stuff. The hill reported 4 […]

Jan 31: At long last light (and powder)

Today marks the first day in about 3 weeks when the light was good enough, and the winds calm enough, to go play up on Divide. The hill was reporting 8 cm today, and in most places I found between 5 cm & 10 cm (too shallow to do a pole test). But there was […]

Jan 28: Nice, then less nice (updated with photos)

Apologies for the late post, as another trip to Calgary was required tonight (to see my U of C basketball teams beat the U of A). Finally, a day started nicely, with some high haze, fairly light winds and really good viz. I, however, did not get to enjoy that part of the day, as […]

Jan 27: More of the same repetitiveness

Wind. Poor viz. Snowing. Only today it was colder (-12°) so with the wind it felt kinda nasty at times. The hill was reporting 12 cm overnight, and there was easily 5-15 cm new everywhere (or at least in the places it’s not being blown to Medicine Hat and beyond). The wind was “lighter”, meaning […]