Skiing Tips #2: Strapless grips, and where to find them

NOTE: Be sure to see the comments at the bottom for the latest intel! I don’t know why the ski industry got out of making strapless grips a long time ago. My research says it’s because the grips had an increased incidence of thumb injuries. Still, strapless grips have their proponents, and I’m one of them. […]

Jan 25: A half-day of heaven

Sunshine was reporting 21 cm (or 28 cm, depending on the source) overnight, and I was easily able to find it. Everywhere. However, all passion comes with pain, and today, the pain was (guess what): WIND. For instance, if you turned the photo above 90° to the left, this is the view of the top […]

Jan 23: This viz and wind are getting tiresome

Once again, the viz was poor and the wind annoying. I hear it was sunny Sunday, but I was here today, not yesterday. Just like Saturday and Friday, the viz was significantly better on Goat’s Eye than elsewhere, it snowed most of the day, the conditions were better in the AM than the PM, but […]

Jan 21: A lot like yesterday

There were a lot of similarities between yesterday and today: a few cm’s overnight put nice powder on the groomed stuff, there were still endless acres of untracked areas, the viz kinda sucked and it snowed on and off all day. The two biggest differences? It was windier and there were more people. The AM […]

Jan 20: Awesome fields of powder (that you couldn’t see)

After a week of snow plus miserable temperatures and the resulting hill closures, I figured there would be acres of untracked powder around, and I wasn’t disappointed — at least not with the snow. The viz, on the other hand, was awful in the afternoon. Good job that the morning was fine. If you wanted […]

Jan 14: Back to pow and poor viz

I don’t know when it started snowing last night, but by the time I got up to the Village at noon, there was easily 5-10 cm around in the places where folks hadn’t walked on it, and it snowed all day. Thus I was easily able to find ~20 cm up on Goat’s Eye. Even […]