Jan 21: A lot like yesterday

There were a lot of similarities between yesterday and today: a few cm’s overnight put nice powder on the groomed stuff, there were still endless acres of untracked areas, the viz kinda sucked and it snowed on and off all day. The two biggest differences? It was windier and there were more people. The AM […]

Jan 20: Awesome fields of powder (that you couldn’t see)

After a week of snow plus miserable temperatures and the resulting hill closures, I figured there would be acres of untracked powder around, and I wasn’t disappointed — at least not with the snow. The viz, on the other hand, was awful in the afternoon. Good job that the morning was fine. If you wanted […]

Jan 14: Back to pow and poor viz

I don’t know when it started snowing last night, but by the time I got up to the Village at noon, there was easily 5-10 cm around in the places where folks hadn’t walked on it, and it snowed all day. Thus I was easily able to find ~20 cm up on Goat’s Eye. Even […]

Jan 13: Celebs and sun

Beautiful blue skies, light wind and excellent snow coverage today, but not a whole lot in the way of powder. Since there hasn’t been a whole lot of fresh snow in the last few days, mostly stuff is firming up. The top of Divide is quite scraped for the first 3 turns, then it’s fine. […]

Jan 12: 10¢ per run?

This is Powderwatch.com, not HardPackWatch.com, so I was tempted to not post a condition report today. We spent the day not at my usual haunt but instead at Norquay. Why? The second Thursday of every month is Tooney Thursday, and lift tickets cost $2. Even I can be bought for that. The downside to Norquay […]

Jan 9: It’s howling again

It was a day for the hardy only. The wind was averaging 60-75 km/hr on the top of Goat’s Eye with higher gusts, and the chair was stopping frequently due to the wind gusts, and only running really slowly when it was moving (the Gondola was also creeping along). Consequently, ride times on the Goat […]