Here’s a place you don’t get to often

The vast majority of my posting is about Sunshine Village, where I am a SnowHost. You’ll also get an update again this year on my experiences at Big White when I get there in February. Once in a while I get to ski other places. And then there was today… Fortress Mountain You can find […]

Dec 4: Awesomeness

It’s a shame the roads in Southern Alberta were not great, because the skiing today certainly was worth the drive. A blue sky day, practically no wind, -12° AM temps in the Village that rose to ~-8° in the PM, and best of all, a nice layer of powder everywhere. Now it wasn’t as deep […]

Dec. 3, 2011: Brief but Fun

Today was my first day at Sunshine this year. I didn’t spend much time on the slopes as it was a training day for me in my new role as SnowHost. However, I did manage a lap on Angel, another on Divide, and a trip down the ski out in the afternoon. I was surprised […]

Just who is this Ryder dude?

Just who is this Ryder dude?

Greetings, and welcome to The Ryder Report on, your source for up to the minute snow condition reports Sunshine Village (and occasionally other major ski resorts) in the Canadian Rockies. It’s probably worthwhile for you to know just who is doing the reporting here. I have been skiing the Rockies for over 30 years, […]

Sunshine Village Reports

This season Derek Ryder will continue his regular updates from Sunshine Village.  Last season he was our number one contributor for User Snow Reports and has earned his own space on powderwatch.  He’s planning to get in a ridiculous amount of skiing this season so you can expect some timely reports on just how good […]