Jan 2: Sun and wind

The sun has returned, but the wind has not fully abated. There was a small inversion this morning with -12° down in the parking lot at -4° up top when we arrived at 10. I would have thought that the steady 30-40 km/hr winds that we had all day would have mixed the air better, […]

Dec 31: The snow finally stops, the sun (sorta) comes out

A moderately busy New Year’s Eve, with cars parked 2.7 km down the road but no consequential lines once off the Gondola. It apparently stopped snowing at 5 AM and was really snowing heavily for a while overnight, so there was yet again 15 cm of powder on most things. The day did start with […]

Dec 30: And the pow just keeps on coming

It has now snowed 6 straight days without any let up. Another 8 cm overnight, and that meant fresh lines were everywhere. I was SnowHosting today, so only got a couple of AM runs, but took a chest shot of fluffy pow on the OS Pitch. Yes, there are some incredibly deep stashes around, and […]

Dec 27: Awesome pow, fearsome winds

It has snowed at Sunshine for 2 solid days. Yesterday’s snow fell straight down (according to the folks I talked to who were there yesterday), and today’s were accompanied howling winds from 30 km/hr with gusts up to 96 km/hr. The strong wind had a few effects: Lifts were closed or delayed. TeePee Town and […]

Dec 24: Quiet fun

It was not very busy at Sunshine today, with C lot full and A lot only filled to 4 rows past the end of C. Not much change in the conditions overnight. Sunshine reported 2 cm and I found everything from nothing (where it had blown off) to 10 cm in the lee of the […]

Dec 23: Snowing

After a week of dry weather, it snowed up at Sunshine all day today. But it was a strange snow, snowing heavier down low while it was sunny up high. There was also a fair amount of wind today, and obviously it has been windy for the last few days. So the wind made it […]