Dec 20: How short a day can I have?

I helped out at the base area at Sunshine this morning, but couldn’t get up riding due to other commitments. However, it was snowing in the parking lot when I arrived at 8AM, and it was still snowing at 10:30 when I left. I can’t get up there until Friday the 23rd… argh.

Dec 19: There’s powder around

So it dumped snow at Sunshine all day yesterday (while I was in Calgary doing the Christmas thing). Today was mostly sunny, and there were smatterings of that powder around, but it’s obvious that the Sunday crowd used most of the fresh lines up, though with some notable exceptions. There was no consequential fresh over […]

Dec 17: Wind

I try to think of a snappy headline to summarize the day at Sunshine in as few as words as possible. Today, the wind dominated everything. It blew a bunch of yesterday’s powder away/somewhere else. For instance, here’s lower Divide. Compare this to yesterday’s picture. Now, if you compare that to yesterday’s photo, you’ll notice […]

Dec 16: Powder, with more to come

Sunshine under-reports its snow, in my opinion. Today’s snow report showed 1 cm when I left the house (late) at 10:30. Yet we found 4-10 cm everywhere with drifts behind the snow fences (like on Ecstasy) almost knee deep. It started off fairly sunny… …but with a cloud cap covering the top of Divide, and […]

Skiing Tips #1: Keeping your feet warm

From time to time, I’m going to post some tricks I’ve developed over 35+ years of skiing that make my day SO much better. One of the best things I ever started doing always results in warm boots when you start your day. No matter how cold the day is, the boots are warm when […]

Dec 13: Mixed skies, mixed viz

The day started of beautifully, with slightly warmer temps than yesterday (-10° in the AM) and more blue sky and sunshine. But as the weather dudes predicted, high winds aloft started clouds drifting in… …and by lunch, the overcast was solid and it was accompanied by slightly stronger winds, wrecking the viz and making skiing […]