Dec 12: Freshies and sun

The snow that fell Sunday on the eastern slopes also got to Sunshine, and by all indications, late in the day. Accordingly, the hill was reporting 7 cm, and I found at least 5 cm and up to 10 cm in places, which told me most of the snow fell after closing last night. There […]

Dec 10: Clouding over. Will it snow?

A sunny AM gave way to clouds that moved in this afternoon and flattened the light out. Obviously there was no new snow, so it was a “cruise the groomers” day. On the bright side, they opened an area I call Ecstasy Face, which is top part of Angel below the top of the chair […]

Dec 9: We need more snow

It has not snowed at Sunshine since last Saturday. There are LOTS of nice lines around, but we really need more snow. It was a bluebird day with fairly light winds and temps that climbed as high at -2°, but mostly felt like -10° or so. The sun just has no intensity at this time […]

Here’s a place you don’t get to often

The vast majority of my posting is about Sunshine Village, where I am a SnowHost. You’ll also get an update again this year on my experiences at Big White when I get there in February. Once in a while I get to ski other places. And then there was today… Fortress Mountain You can find […]

Dec 4: Awesomeness

It’s a shame the roads in Southern Alberta were not great, because the skiing today certainly was worth the drive. A blue sky day, practically no wind, -12° AM temps in the Village that rose to ~-8° in the PM, and best of all, a nice layer of powder everywhere. Now it wasn’t as deep […]

Dec. 3, 2011: Brief but Fun

Today was my first day at Sunshine this year. I didn’t spend much time on the slopes as it was a training day for me in my new role as SnowHost. However, I did manage a lap on Angel, another on Divide, and a trip down the ski out in the afternoon. I was surprised […]