Prepare to be Confused — New Run Names UPDATED

When I take people out on tour, we like to note that there are a bunch of runs at Sunshine that have no names. This is what you get when you’re above treeline and a “run” is defined by where you groom or not, or where a snow fence is or not.

There are also a bunch of runs at Sunshine which people find challenging to keep straight. Take Afterburner on Goat’s Eye, which (pre 2017) was split by the hill into three parts (Gold, Silver and Bronze) but was not signposted as such; it was all just Afterburner. And if that’s not bad enough, Afterburner changed colours from Blue or Black at the top to Black in the middle and bottom. So did Free Fall; Double Black at the top, Blue at the bottom.

So in the interests of making things easier for guests going forwards, Sunshine renamed some runs in 2015/16 and named some others that had no names. They were put on the trail maps that show Tee Pee LX as a quad chair. The trick is, for those of us who know the old names, you might be confused for a while.

And worse… in 2018/19, while Sunshine was in the middle of it’s “improve the on-hill signage” work… they changed the names again. I originally wrote this in 2015, and have updated it in 2019. Here’s hoping I don’t have to do it again.

Without further ado, here’s the

Ryder Report Handy Dandy Guide to the New (and corresponding old) Runs at Sunshine.

All are black runs unless noted.

  • Raptor: On the top section of Goat’s Eye, the blue run to skier’s left of Sunshine Coast (I’ve always called it the “Centre Slot”). From 2015 to 2018, it was Chaos, and before that Gold Freefall. Blue.
  • Eagle: On the top section of Goat’s Eye, the blue run two to skier’s left of Sunshine Coast that runs just to skier’s right of the chair and leads down to join Chaos Raptor (I’ve always called it the “Left Slot”). From 2015 to 2018, it was Bear’s Den, and before that Gold Afterburner. Blue
  • Fall Line:  On the top section of Goat’s Eye. Used to be Gold Scapegoat. First run to skier’s left of Goat’s Eye chair, between the chair and Cleavage. Renamed in 2015.
  • FIGJAM: On the top section of Goat’s Eye. This was the 2015 name for what used to be an unnamed glade directly under the Goat’s Eye Chair before breaking out above treeline. Between the lower section of Bear’s Den Eagle and Afterburner. There is a run at Silverton in Colorado named FIGJAM. Feel free to look it up to find out what FIGJAM stands for. I won’t type it here. As of 2019, FIGJAM is no longer on the trail map. The trees are still there, though.
  • Afterburner: Stripped of a bunch of sections in 2015. At that time, it was just the drop from the Goat’s Eye chair to the Sunshine Coast traverse. In 2019, that part swapped names with Sky Dive. Now, Afterburner is the run to the left of Gladerunner below the Sunshine Coast traverse;
  • Sky Dive: In 2015, it was the new name for Silver Afterburner, the aforementioned section of Afterburner that was below the Sunshine Coast traverse. In 2019, it was swapped with Afterburner, so now it’s the drop that comes off the bottom of Eagle and goes down to the Sunshine Coast traverse..
  • Freefall: Was stripped of a bunch of sections in 2015. Now just the last pitch above the Sunshine Coast traverse where Old Chute enters, and the double black section down to below the cliff wall.
  • Scapegoat: Was stripped of a bunch of sections in 2015, then had most of them restored in 2019. From the Sunshine Coast traverse to Goat’s Eye Gardens. Blue.
  • Barney’s Trees:  On the top section of Goat’s Eye. This was the 2015 name for what used to be an unnamed glade between Fall Line (old Gold Scapegoat) and the old Gold Afterburner/Sky Dive. In 2019, the name was removed from the trail map. The trees are still there.
  • Go Blade: The 2015 name for Bronze Gladerunner; that section of Gladerunner below the base of Scapegoat. In 2019, was removed from the maps, and that’s now all called Gladerunner again.
  • Blaster: The 2015 name for Bronze Scapegoat. This was not a bad move; Bronze Scapegoat never actually connected to Silver Scapegoat but was instead directly below Afterburner and confused the heck out of guests. In 2019, Blaster disappeared off the trail map and became…
  • Sasquatch: The run down to Sunshine Coast directly below Afterburner.
  • Easy Rider: The 2015 name for the lower section of Freefall that was blue and accessed from Scapegoat or Gladerunner or Afterburner. Blue. In 2019, that went away and it was restored to being a part of Scapegoat.
  • Snuffy: The 2015 name for the Eagle Meadows. Taken off the map in 2019. The meadows remain, as does the avalauncher gun station that Patrol calls “Snuffy”.
  • Eagle Glades: They were always called this, but they were named and mapped in 2017. The glades below Tobacco Road and above Snuffy. Wickedly tight trees.
  • Teepee Town Liftline: The 2015 name for a run that wasn’t named but obviously was under the Tee Pee chair.
  • Tincan Trees: The 2015 name for the trees between Wawa Bowl and Tincan Alley. One of the SnowHosts favourite tree spaces.
  • Corral Cut Off: Not new, not renamed, but now mapped. Best route from the Wawa to Jackrabbit, and historically interesting, too. That it wasn’t on the pre-2015 trail maps was always frustrating.
  • Powerline: One of those secret runs finally gets a name. On the trail maps, there are 2 ways in shown; the first is by an uphill climb from Banff Ave across from the maintenance compound; do not do this. The second access shown is off Corral Cut Off. Make a left at the weather station. An alternative access to the Upper Canyon, and it drops you below the bad stuff. VERY flat for the first 300 m. Not recommended for snowboarders. Green.
  • Tower 30: Another secret run named in 2015. Drops from Tower 30 of the Gondola into the Upper Canyon. Accessed by a walk up from the storage area below the Kid’s Play terrain park.
  • Christmas Tree: Not changed but finally mapped in 2015. Off the backside of Jackrabbit connecting to the exit of the Shoulder. Blue.
  • Strawberry Surprise:  This is the 2015 name for what used to be an unnamed glade on the side of the Strawberry Hill to skier’s left of Boutry Bowl. I’m in there a lot and we always just called it part of the Boutry face, but now it’s named. Blue.
  • Paris One and Paris Two: New 2015 names for the two most commonly used lines in Paris Basin. Paris One is the first one you access from Wawa Chair, Paris Two is the second. Paris Basin run itself is now relegated to the line after taking the Paris Traverse and cutting down into the bowl.
  • Tilton Trail: A little previously unnamed slot between Old T-Bar and Wawa Bowl, named in 2015. Blue.
  • Side Door: Now here’s an interesting one. The 2015 official name of a (temporarily) official run that everyone had always used and which lead… out of bounds into avalanche terrain. The trail just lead off the edge of the 2015 map. Hmmm. Gone in 2019.
  • Bunkers: The 2015 name for the Big and Little Bunkers runs before they split up. Blue.
  • Standish: The 2015 name for the line on the top of the Standish face. Blue… but leads to blacks unless you take a very hard left traverse before dropping into the Virgins area.
  • Ecstasy: In 2015, was officially broken into Gold Ecstasy, Sliver Ecstasy and Bronze Ecstasy. Bronze was blue, the others are black. In 2019, it was put back together and is all now just called Ecstasy, though the colours still change from black to blue as you get lower.
  • Spring Hill: The 2015 name for the pre-2015 unnamed skier’s right side of the lower part of Green Run above Angel Gully where they put the Spring Hill terrain park later in the season (but interestingly, on the opposite side of Green Run to the terrain park). Green. It’s mapped, but I seriously have no idea where it actually is. It seems to turn into what everyone actually knows as Angel Gully down low.
  • Yellowhead North: The previously unnamed tree space to the skier’s left of the Springhill Terrain Park, named in 2015. Good powder in here usually, but a little flat. Blue.
  • Slush Cup: Used to be called Pandemonium, and was a great place to tell guests about why such a benign run was called Pando. Where they hold the Slush Cup every year. Interestingly, many still call it Pando and there’s an event coming up with Pando in the name. We’ll see if it sticks. Green.
  • Run #27: On the 2019 trail map, it starts as World Cup Downhill, and ends that way, too. But in the middle, there are THREE runs on the map marked #27. One leads to World Cup Downhill, one to Spring Hill, and one to Highway One. Hmmn.
  • Snowflake/Snowsnake: Pretty sure this is jus a typo on the 2019 map, but the Snowsnake run (which from 2019 forward will have a terrain park on it) is called Snowsnake on one map, and Snowflake on another.

Confused? All will get better with time. Maybe.