Dec 31: Chillin’ in the sun

We’ve been spoiled the last few weeks by fine riding temps. Today was a bit reminiscent of last Christmas, when temps were seriously sub zero. It started at -22° in the village this morning, -20° up top, but never got much above -15° in the village and -18° up top. On the bright side, there was not a cloud in the sky, and barely any wind.

9:50 AM. Sun on the peaks from the top of the Goat.

I found the snow a bit sticky due to the cold temps, but loved bombing up and down the Goat’s groomers all morning — we basically had it to ourselves. We were joined today by guests from Toronto, and skied the mountain as I always tell you to ride it: first on the Goat, down to Creekside for lunch, up to the village for the afternoon. Accordingly, despite the significant crowd, we saw not one lift line up today.

10:30 AM. The village from Scapegoat

My friends were not powder skiers, so we avoided my fave powder stashes today, but the ones I could see in the usual spaces were still there. Avi control was going on in the Dive today; they got a couple of beaut avis to fall in the area of the north cornice.

2:50 PM. The view of the Goat from the edge of World Cup Downhill

In case you haven’t made it out this week, Trail Crew has got Sunshine Coast, Old Chute and Raptor open on the upper part of the Goat. A high left exit from Raptor into the former FIGJAM trees can get you to the bony stuff in there (marginal). A traverse can get you into the trees formerly known as Barney’s, and looking from afar, I would seriously not try that. However, the nice folks sacrificing their bases in there these days are ski packing for the rest of us for the remainder of the season. Kudos to them from the rest of us.

The ski out, by the way, is OK but not getting better. Watch for a VERY slick ice patch in the man-made snow area below base B-Line.

Looks to me like it’s going to get a bit warmer for a few days, then go cold again for the weekend, and there’s snow coming — maybe Wednesday and Friday. Here’s hoping.