Feb 2: Deep pow*

The hill was reporting 25 cm and I found that and more everywhere I looked today.

12:30 PM. That’s ~28 cm.

It was indeed everywhere, and it was even deeper in the lee of anything, because that asterisk in the title is there because it was windy as all get out today. In fact, the weather was really “interesting” today:

  • From 8 AM – 9 AM, it was -4° in the parking lot;
  • Between 9 AM and 9:30 AM, the temp dropped to -12° and the snow started falling in earnest;
  • Starting at 9:45 AM, lifts started closing — first TeePee and Divide, then Angel — due to winds gusting up to 110 km/hr;
  • By 11:15 AM, the winds started slowing a bit, and the lifts started re-opening, first Angel and then Divide and finally TeePee by 12:30 pm;
  • Around 2 PM, still in heavy snowfall, the temperature started dropping, from the lower sections of the mountain up. At 3 PM, it was -18° in the parking lot, -15° at Goat base but only -6° in the village and at Goat top;
  • Between 5 PM and 6 PM, the temp in the village dropped from-6° to -21°.

So it was a blustery, windy day with REALLY poor viz…

12:15 PM. Somewhere on the backside of Standish.

1:45 PM. Looking across Piste Noir and Blue in a blizzard

2:25 PM. Top of the Goat

…and killer, delicious, deep, wonderful pow.

1:30 PM. Wawa.

I ran into blog reader Melanie again today (she was out on tour with me last Saturday); I couldn’t resist, and took her into some trees (with perfectly fine viz) and — no kidding — untracked powder over our knees. It was amazing. I had a bunch of runs with boot top or better.

So today was much like yesterday: wonderful if you could see it, and when you could see it, it was off the charts.

As I mentioned yesterday and above, the deep freeze has started. If you are planning on coming tomorrow (Sunday), be aware:

  • The gondola will NOT be running first thing in the morning;
  • Staff have been advised not to come before 1o AM;
  • The forecast for tomorrow is on-hill temps of -31°; at those temps, the gondola will not operate;
  • The Sunday part of the weekend’s races have been cancelled.

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