Jan 11: Cool Clouds

It was sunny this morning, but only on Goat’s Eye and the top part of Divide/Tee Pee/Angel.

10:45 AM. Look at all the fog in the village and upper mountain

As the day progressed, the fog bank slowly pulled back exposing more and more of the upper mountain.

11:45 AM. The fog bank is receding.

12:00 Standish appears.

12:05 PM. Standish and Strawberry encircled.

We waited until after 12:30 PM to attempt the upper mountain. Even then, the fact that Sunshine sits on the Continental Divide was still apparent.

12:40 PM. Fog still comes in down Borderline and Rock Isle Road

Descending into the fog was very cool; all the trees were covered in rime ice.

12:45 PM. The Angel Trees. Fog below.

That wasn’t the end of the cool clouds for the day. Really funky lenticular clouds appeared late in the afternoon and entertained us on the drive home.

2:50 PM. Lennies in the distance past the Goat, Eagles and Lookout


I don’t often post pics not from the hill, but these were those same clouds on our way home.

3:40 PM. Near Banff.

Over Mt. Inglesmaldie

Oh… this is POWDERWATCH, not CloudWatch. Back to skiing.

Yep, there’s still powder around, if you know where to look.

2:05 PM. Dropping down to Divide.

Generally, we’re back to groomer zipping, though, and that’s pretty darned good. The hard working crew got Eagle and Skydive open today, and they were certainly fun first thing when I was on them. Using those, you can get into Barney’s Trees (I didn’t; they seemed bony to me) but everything skier’s left of Fall Line (ie; from Cleavage across) remains mostly closed. You can get into the lower section of the trees and that’s not too bad, but there’s no real base in there, so expect hazards. There’s still some fun lightly tracked lines to be had on Rolling Thunder as this contrast enhanced picture shows…

11:15 AM. The lingering fog down here made getting a good pic hard.

Some spots are firmer than others; Hill 205 and Angel Flight are both very wind affected. Lots of snow has collected in OS Pitch, but it’s not really untracked, just really nice and soft.

2:35 PM. Yours truly.

Coming tomorrow?

  • Salomon ski (not snowboard) Demo Days in the village from 11 till 2. Check out all the great Salomon gear for free (though a credit card is required).
  • Free Kind bars at the base in the morning. These are great, but warning: don’t eat when cold. Put them in you pocket for a few minutes first. Your teeth will thank you.