Jan 25: Some sun, some cloud, some blow in pow

Due to afternoon commitments, I was only able to ride the morning today, but made up for it by checking out the whole mountain in prep for SnowHosting tomorrow (gotta know the powder stashes if my tour guests want ’em!).

It was obviously windy at some point in the last 24 hrs. I found blow in powder loading all the usual lee areas such as Standish Face and Boutry Face, and in the lee of some snow fences. This gave me a bunch of boot top-ish turns, and one surprising (short stretch) of knee deep.

Unfortunately, that’s the exception, rather than the rule. That blow in had to come from somewhere, and some spots on the hill are blown pretty clear. For instance, the top of Standish generally is very hardpack until you hit the (very fun blow-in snow filled) gullies between the trees.

The forecasts I saw were for overcast and light snow all day, but that’s not what happened. It dawned kinda overcast…

9:25 AM. Instruction on Jerry’s Run.

…and the top of Divide was a pretty flat light place for a bunch of the morning. I never really saw (nor tried) Bye Bye for that reason. But by 10:20 AM, there was a lot of blue sky…

10:35 AM. Standish and Strawberry from Spring Hill.

10:45 AM. Divide from Wawa. A mountain-shaped cloud seems to replicate Divide.

11:20 AM. The village from Scapegoat and Rolling Thunder

Coverage remains fine, the cruising is lovely, but I’m pretty sure everyone wants more snow.

This would be nicer with knee-deep powder.

10:45 AM. A view back into the Bunkers complex

Fun stuff is coming up this weekend. Saturday is Australia Day. If past experience is any indication, expect to see lots of Aussies (including SSV staff) drinking more than usual, not wearing very many clothes, and riding anyway. Last year we watched numerous people ride Strawberry in bathing suits, and it was -20°. Normally, all the restaurants on the hill have Aussie specials, too.

Sunday is Grey Cup Day. The Grey Cup and the Stampeders will be on the hill. The cup itself (with Stampeders in tow) will make a run down Goat’s Eye in the morning, then be in the hotel for folks to come see in the afternoon.