Jan 26: “Warm” and Sunny

The morning was kind of overcast with flat light and the odd bit of sun…

9:05 AM. The sun rises over Divide, illuminating the clouds.

9:45 AM. The sun breaks through the clouds onto Viking Ridge and Boundary Bowl

But by 10:30, the clouds were mostly gone and the sun was out.

10:25 AM. Pretty in the village

And for most of the afternoon, it was mostly bluebird.

1:00 PM: From the top of Strawberry

I mentioned “warm.” It was only -4° in the village to start the day, and it made it to +1° by 4 PM. The station up top is down these days, but I did climb up to the Dive entrance, and it was probably -5° up there at the peak. The wind wasn’t really much of a factor today, though just when I DIDN’T want it to be windy, the wind picked up and blew my tour around.

So yes, I took a tour out today with my SnowHost compadre and co-host, Joe. It was a fun mix of folks from Toronto and locals — including Melanie, one of my 8 readers! Always fun to have someone out with me who stays connected through this blog. It’s also fun to show locals new places they haven’t ridden before, or that they forget about.  Even though it hasn’t snowed much in 3 weeks, we all had a hoot in the small bits of untracked powder that can still be found. The best powder stashes are now being a bit more tracked by the SnowHosts and our guests, but we’ll be riding them for a while, still.

The weather I’m looking at says we’ll get a blast of snow tomorrow (10 cms? Maybe a bit more?) and a BUNCH of wind overnight. Wind = wind transport = powder stashes, which will just make the new snow all the deeper. Go explore. There will be pow around.