Jan 30: It’s like the rules

I had the privilege today of taking some of the volunteers and interns, who work with me at Alberta Parks Ecology, up for a day of bopping around. One was born and raised in the French alps and now lives in Paris; another was from northern Germany, and the third was from a tiny town I used to hang out in when I lived in Ontario (oh, so many years ago). So I played SnowHost even though I was off duty, and we zipped all over the mountain.

I was personally hoping for more sun; alas, it was not to be. It started fairly overcast…

11:30 AM. From the top of Scapegoat.

…and never really improved, resulting in flat light conditions through the full day.

2:40 PM. Looking down at the Rockstar Terrain Park from Red 90/Piste Bleu

At times, the light was VERY flat, and places like the top of Standish were… interesting… to ski (I’m just glad I know the hill so well).

There are some bits of softer snow around, but only bits. So we mostly stuck to the groomers, which were a lot of fun (but I’ve now been skiing mostly groomers since January 4, so am… looking for something new?). It got up to -6° in the village today and -10° ish at the top. Winds were kinda steady at 20-30 km/hr all day, blowing right up your back on Divide, so noticeable on Strawberry and Standish, and at the top of Divide when you got off the chair.

1:55 PM. Divide from Strawberry

So conditions these days are much like rules: hard and fast. I’m seeing snow coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but… it’s associated with a cold front that’s gonna make temps just plummet to the -20°’s and lower for Sunday and all through next week. Temps could be in the -30°s up on the hill by mid-week. The cold snap we’ve missed so far this winter is coming. So get out this week and enjoy what we have while it’s warm enough to enjoy it.