Jan 5: Damn near Perfect

Recipe for a perfect ski day:

Take one blue sky day:

9:50 AM. Top of Standish.

Add a solid dose of deep powder:

11:10 AM. Angel Bench

12:25 PM. Backside of Standish.

1:10 PM. Assiniboine Trail

Mix in perfect temps (-6° in the village, -9° up top), minimal wind (15 km/hr gusting to 20 km/hr), and you had what all the guests called an awesome day.

I was busy at the base today — lots of cars parked on the road today — but didn’t have many duties thsi afternoon, so rode all over the mountain. It was a glorious morning…

9:50 AM. The view from Prune Pickers.

…and it just stayed that way all day.

1:30 PM. The North Pocket.

All the traffic — and there was a lot of folks on the hill — plus what seemed like limited grooming last night led to LOTS of bumps everywhere. Places that were particularly bumpy that aren’t usually a mogul field included Scapegoat, Divide South, Wildfire, Piste Noir & Bleu, Hill 205 and the middle section of World Cup Downhill.

The avi risk is EXTREME these days. Accordingly, it was pretty surprising to actually watch the two guys make this line off Wawa Ridge.

1:45 PM. That this slope did not slide on these guys was amazing.

I stood at the top of Wawa for a few minutes with about 15 patrollers who were watching the two — and three others that also went in the the area. Not just to the spot, but to the absolute peak of the convex roll where about half of the avalanches in that bowl are triggered.

Yep. That’s dangerous.

We all watched for a while, but the folks didn’t do much, so I headed over to Goat’s Eye, and got this shot about 20 min later from there.

2:20 PM. The one guy got almost to the trigger area — then walked back up.

They did avi control on the road this afternoon and got lots to fall. So again, I plead: stay in bounds and obey closures.