Mar 15: Superb snow

Good to be back home today for some fantastic powder up at Sunshine.

It was a little hazy to start the day…

10:50 AM. Acres of pow up on the Goat

…but the sun came around often enough to make the viz generally just fine. The hill was reporting 10 cm overnight, and I found that in most places.

That’s 10 cm at the top of the Gladerunner pitch

Since I was last at Sunshine on Feb 27, they got the South Side Chutes (and the Wild West) opened up. I wasn’t eager to get in there first, but since then, there have been a few good dumps so I thought I should give it a try. It was so nice, I did a few laps, including dropping down into Snuffy and the Eagle Meadows. Some samples:

11:20 AM. Looking down into the (barely tracked) R1 chute.

Looking up to the entrance from part the way down R1

Looking down into the Renegade Gully

Looking back across from the rope line. Person for scale

11:30 AM. Entering Snuffy

Looking back at the Eagle Meadows and Snuffy from the base of Fat Boy

The upper part of the SSC’s are a little bit “dust on crust”; there’s a crusty layer down below the fresh stuff, and as long as it looked floofy, all rode fine. Down lower, below the traverse, it all just turned to floof and the crust underneath was not noticeable. In fact, in the Ashtray area, there was lots of +40 cm spots that were dreamy. I even dragged a few guests from Toronto in there, and they were really impressed.

But you didn’t have to go to the ‘Chute’s to get good powder. This was the backside of Standish.

1:15 PM. Boot top or better.

This was me off Angel.

2:10 PM. Makin’ tracks

As noted, the weather was come and go today, with some sun, but also bits of this thrown in.

12:30 PM. By Angel Hill.

2:20 PM. In sun at Wawa top, looking at clag on Divide.

Coming tomorrow? It tried to snow all day, but I don’t think there was any accumulation through the day. The sun, when it came out, was warm enough to create crusts, and the parking lot will be a skating rink in the morning. There are a bunch of events happening, including a St. Paddy’s Day leprechaun hunt for kids. There is also a free Argentinean BBQ happening on the Daylodge Deck at lunch, plus some other fun stuff including a beer tasting at Borgeau Base in the afternoon. And… the lifts start closing half an hour later starting tomorrow (chairs now finish at 4:30, with Jackrabbit running until 5).