Mar 16: Late but great

My post is late as I had guests in all weekend. I’m a big believer in up to date info, so this is a bit dated, but could be helpful anyway.

A high haze for most of the day on Saturday kept the light OK but prevented the sun from really affecting the snow. While there was still lots of powder around in the morning…

9:55 AM. Looking up Bye Bye

…the busy Saturday crowd tracked a lot of it out. The riding conditions, however, were still wonderful.

10:15 AM. Fellow SnowHost Mark ripping it up in Bye Bye

LOTS of people were playing in the South Side Chutes; in fact, it felt like half the guests on the hill were riding the Goat by 1 PM. The downside of this wasn’t the crowds (it’s never the crowds on the Goat; too much terrain to play in). It was that more rocks are starting to show up in the R1 and main Wildside entrances. So be really careful on those first 5-10 turns.


1:20 PM. From the ridge between Wildside and Farside.

Still, despite the crowds, if you just go where people don’t, there was powder to be found. For instance, way over on the back side of the Ashtray was still ~20 cm of lightly tracked stuff.

1:20 PM. Base of the Ashtray.

Being lazy and not being fond of crowds, I spent most of the afternoon on the upper mountain, which was basically devoid of people because they were all over on the Goat. Kinda fun to have vast tracts of Divide to yourself at 2:45 PM.

2:50 PM. World Cup Downhill.

While I was SnowHosting today, I had no tours, but rather, it was a day of good deeds.

  • I was riding up Angel and spotted a ski (without a skier attached) on the snow in the trees below, then saw the ski’s owner downloading on the lift. I did a couple of runs to help him out and get his ski back;
  • I located a lost Dad and reunited him with his 7 year old son. Not sure how Dad got lost; the son was fine and in our trusted care the whole time, getting a free tour of Mountain Operations, Dispatch and the Infirmary while we found the lost Dad;
  • I found a beautiful damsel in distress. There was a bit of an accidental melee between folks getting of the chairs at the top of Jackrabbit and Wolverine, and this lovely lady ended up grounded. I was able to help her up. Turns out it was Melanie, one of my 8 regular blog readers. You can always tell its Melanie by her spectacularly colourful ski pants.

Coming up this week is a blast of spring skiing, I think. I’m seeing plus temps in the village and nothing but sun all week. So expect an icy parking lot in the morning (and sloppy wet in the afternoon), plus possible freeze/thaw and crust conditions which will soften in the afternoons. Remember the sunscreen!