Mar 23: Abbreviated

For a whole lot of reasons that don’t matter, I only got 3 runs in on the Goat today before I had to head out, so my report is limited.

The hill got 7-10 cm overnight, but it came in with a LOT of wind, and that wind continued through the morning. This didn’t make for acres of silky dust in very many places, but, rather crusty conditions. There was dust and really sweet turns on Rolling Thunder:

As seen from the steep pitch. 11:15 AM

…but elsewhere it was crunchy and wind scoured with traces of powder on top. I had some misguided hopes for the South Sides; I was the 3rd person in after Patrol checks, and the first one down. I found wind slabbed and solidified powder between brutally crunchy moguls at the top that made for really challenging riding.

The top of R1. No tracks. 11:30 AM

A little lower down.

Everything in the chutes was like that; serious “dust on crust” that made for quite the workout. I tried out two different lines.

Looking down at line 1: the Think Again gully

I did the upper half.

…then crossed to the Renegade gully

This was serious tough skiing.

As noted, I never got to the upper mountain. What I could surmise from my runs is that the below treeline stuff came in more sheltered from the wind, so was less compacted, but still fairly dense. Anywhere wind exposed was either scoured or the new snow was packed in densely.

And now, for a rant…

In case you weren’t aware, Sunshine has built yet ANOTHER terrain park for a special event. This one is huge and is over on Sunshine Coast.

The top 20% of the park, visible from just past Wolverine. 11 AM

It starts at the spot known as H.O.T. (where the Coast widens, just below the connector from the South Sides), and continues all the way to the base of Wildfire.

I’m sorry, I just don’t get terrain parks in the mountains. You have 2,000 vertical feet of powder, but folks just want to play on 200 vertical feet full of metal objects that could just as well be built at COP, or Red Deer or Drumheller, or heck, on a drumlin on the Morley Flats. What’s the point? And I really don’t like that they’re building this one on The Goat — Sunshine’s ultimate cruising and freeride terrain.

I was told it will only be there for a week, but see this as a slippery slope. Anyone want to bet how long it is before there’s a permanent park — the 5th — on the Goat?

End of Rant

Come on out this weekend and check out the event that’s running in this special park.