Mar 28: Variable

First off, I did ski last Saturday, but was slammed and by Monday morning when I could have posted, I figured it was too late to be useful to anyone. My apologies.

There were actually a lot of similarities between Saturday and today. Both featured variable light conditions, from bright sun to cloudy to flat light, that changed every 20 minutes all day.

Blue-ish at 9 AM

Socked in at noon

It made picking goggle lenses impossible. Both featured recent fresh snow, both times often wind affected.

The hill got 10 cms between 9 AM & 5 PM yesterday; I heard it was accompanied by miserable viz but that the riding was awesome. The winds picked up last night and moved a bunch of that snow around, and another 3 cm fell between 3 AM & 5 AM. So I found wind scoured stuff with blown in powder all over. Some of that blown in stuff was pretty darned awesome, such as the gully on Hill 205 and the centre of the top most part of World Cup Downhill. The Angel trees and Tin Can Trees were both fab. The lees of the snowfences on the Goat were pretty sweet, too. And the places that hide from the wind offered this:

Base of Bye Bye Bowl. 10 AM

Probably the best spots today that I rode were the Standish Face, and Boutry Face/Strawberry Surprise trees, both of which were loaded to give knee deep shots. Unfortunately, one of the guests on my tour today lost it on the Boutry face and hurt her leg.

The Dive did not open today; they spent a bunch of the afternoon hand-cutting cornices. Because I had a tour, I did not make it into the South Sides, but a fellow SnowHost did and reported it still crunchy, windswept and bumpy at the entrances and but better down low. Their run in the Goats Head Soup trees at 3 PM was soft and lovely but lacked any untracked.

I ran into one of my 7 readers on the top of Divide today in the middle of my tour. Always a shock to have my name called out excitedly by beautiful women. I hope your day was a good one.