Mar 28: Winter in spots

Sorry for the delayed post.

It’s back to being winter in spots up at Sunshine. On arrival, we skied the Goat as usual…

10:50 AM. The Goat in the sun

…and found mostly winter conditions above the “Silver Bench” (what the hill calls the Sunshine Coast middle traverse). In fact, aside from feeling a bit “dust on crust” in the thinner spots, there was a fair chunk of untracked powder up there.

11:10 AM. Yours truly in the space we call the “Powder Triangle” (between Sunshine Coast and Raptor). Boot top deep.

A little lower down

11:30 AM. My partner trying it out

Below the bench was classic spring: hard as concrete in the AM, and softening with afternoon warming and sun. For instance, the steep pitch on Wildfire was sugar snow by 1:30 pm.

11:30 AM. The village from the Goat

It was more sunny in the morning than the afternoon. I was worried that it wouldn’t soften things, but it did; it hovered around 0° in the village but never broke -6° up on Divide all day.

Up on Divide, yes, it was winter-like, but still crusty, and more so it seemed than on the upper part of the Goat. Bye Bye Bowl was very chunky underfoot indeed, and the new snow that fell Wednesday wasn’t enough to make it good riding. So up there, the groomers were the best bet, and they rode just fine.

12:30 PM. World Cup Downhill.

Me riding that.

There was some nice riding powder on the upper mountain, too, in a lot of the “normal” stashes. Here’s one example.

1:45 PM. One of our fave powder ridges

My partner in the same spot.

Depending on where you were, the crust under the new snow was more or less noticeable, and rode smooth or choppy.

Another 5 cm in addition to the 9 cm the hill got Wednesday would have made a bigger difference to the “winter location” conditions; not sure it would have changed the “spring” stuff, though. Coverage remains fine so long as you don’t cross any rope lines (I watched a guy do that on Angel Flight and immediately tear up his skis in rocks).

Don’t forget, with a) my SnowHosting work completed for the year, and b) the onset of spring conditions, by reports will be less frequent from now on. Bring on a big snow dump and I’ll be there, but until then, reports will probably be once a week at most, targeting excellent days like today. Stay tuned anyway.