Mar 30: Changing

It was quite a nice morning up at Sunshine; at least 5-6 cm had fallen, there were spots of sun…

12:15 pm from the backside of Standish

…temps were quite pleasant at -3° or so, there were snow squalls moving through so occasional blizzards…

Me in a blizzard on Rolling Thunder at 10:35 AM

…and I thought it was shaping up to be a nice day.

Then the front hit.

At 10 AM, it was -3° in the village; by 1 PM it was -11°. It socked in.

Can you see the Divide chair? 12:45 PM

The wind switched from 20 km/hr from the west to 25 km/hr from the east, it felt very cold, and the real snow started. As I type this at 6 PM, 16 cm has fallen since 7 AM with most of it falling after 11 AM. The wind was blowing UP the ski out; we took the Upper Canyon from Jackrabbit to Wolverine, which was a mistake and a lesson in double poling into a 30 km headwind.

This system is supposed to taper off tonight and the snow should quit around 3 AM or so, suggesting that tomorrow will be pretty awesome, assuming the wind dies a bit which is what the models are saying will happen. BTW, the wind direction is supposed to stay from the east until tomorrow. This will change the loading locations of wind-transported snow from the slopes we normally know get good, like Standish Face. Instead for tomorrow, places like Hill 205 and the Pockets should get loaded nicely.

Personally, I bailed today not long after the weather turned south. I preferred this from this morning. Feel free to call me a wimp.

Looking out over the base of Paris Basin, the arriving front in the distance.