Mar 31: Splendiferously fantabulastic

Holy wow.

Add a bluebird day…

The Goat from the Village. 11:45 AM

…pow wherever you looked…

Top of Standish. 12:30 PM

…and darned near perfect temps (a chilly -20° start but it got up to -6° in the village), and it was a day for the books for sure.

We were out on tour with a few very nice folks that weren’t very good skiers, so I wasn’t able to go everywhere I wanted to, but I did revel in a whole lotta fun in a few places including the Powder Triangle, the Wildfire trees, the Boutry face and Strawberry Trees (knee deep shots here) and others. We took the guests to the Dive entrance and peered in. Lots of folks were dropping in Bre-X and elsewhere.

The climb to the Dive. 1:30 PM

Bre-X entrance.

One guy in Delirium Main

Someone dropping the Galaxy 5 chute

Can you spot the snowboarder?

My thrill for the day was a killer run in the South Sides after my tour was over. By then, it was mostly tracked up, but the turns were super nice and there was enough untracked in lower Renegade gully and the Ashtray Trees to make me smile.

The drop into R1. 3:15 PM

Looking down into the Renegade Gully

The Ashtray Trees

The untracked part of the gully

Looking back

There are good days to ride, and then there was today. It was heckin’ great no matter where we went, and a good time was had by all.