May 2: Winter and powder

You kinda can’t complain when you get off the gondola at the Goat on May 2, and it looks like this:

10:20 AM. Chilly, too

The hill was reporting 12 cm overnight, and that’s about what I found.

11:30 AM. Near Spring Hill.

There were spots where it was deeper, but only due to wind transport. The best part: it was that dry, dusty winter powder we’re so used to and love to bits, meaning it skied just divinely.

10:30 AM. The Powder Triangle

11:00 AM. Lots of goodness

My first 4 runs were mostly untracked and just fabulous. My 5th was, too, but I made a rookie mistake: I saw fresh stuff, but it was just barely covering a bunch of rocks. I’ll be sending my summer repairing the bases on my new skis.

It was sorta sunny before noon, which certainly affected the lower snow. Not long after noon, it socked in and tried to snow a bit…

12:35 PM. Backside of Standish

…which wrecked the viz, but helped maintain the snow. That didn’t last long; by 1 PM, the clouds started to break and the sun re-appeared…

1:00 PM. From Divide Chair

…and was kinda come and go for the rest of the afternoon. By 2 PM, the temperature (it got to 0° in the village and -4° on Divide) and the sun started making the light dusty snow of the morning go heavy no matter where you went.

1:30 PM. Looking down Bye Bye Bowl at the traffic.

Being a hater of spring skiing, I bailed — but still got some lovely dry untracked powder turns up on the Goat on my last run.

They did a bunch of control work in the Dive today, and got some activity, up to 1.5. I had lunch with the Snow Safety team who did the control work, and they reported the conditions in the Dive were absolutely epic today — the best in a few weeks.

The ski out is getting VERY sticky below the base of B-Line; snowboarders are struggling. There are also dirt patches showing up just before the parking lot. Both shortcuts are now closed.

Other things are closed, too. On the Goat, everything skier’s right of Scapegoat below the traverse is closed (Hell’s Kitchen, Supermodel, Freefall, the Goat Glades, Gladerunner & Afterburner). While coverage is an issue, according to Snow Safety the biggest problem is the risk of avalanches. Another spot that’s getting regular closures is the Pockets under Brewster Rock, which is also spring wet-snow avalanche prone. I saw a LOT of poaching today; most of the poachers must have a death wish, as they’re riding past avalanche closure signs — and would also need base jobs when they’re done.

In case you haven’t noticed, my reports are coming less frequently. I actually wanted to get up last Sunday for that epic storm (and I heard it was, indeed, fantastic), but was otherwise occupied. I brought my boards back from the hill today; this may be my last report of the year.

But maybe not. Stay tuned.