Nov 10: And the season begins anew

I’m back, PowderWatch and Ryder Report fans (all 8 of you)! This marks my 8th year writing for PowderWatch, and just as you are stoked for powder, I’m stoked to be riding once again!

It was just an awesome day today, even more impressive given that it was only the 2nd day of the season. Temps only rose to -7°, but the bluebird sunshine and practically no wind made it feel much warmer.

The village, 10:50 AM

Coverage and riding conditions surprised me at how good they were. With 4 lifts and ~40 runs open, there was something for everyone.

Rock Isle Road/Strawberry Surprise Trees area, 11 AM

Jackrabbit. 2 PM

In fact, only the lower half of the Wawa area was a bit “brushier” than I would have liked. Birdcage was particularly shrubby, rocky and challenging, with Tin Can the most manageable. I was surprised that Meadow Park wasn’t open, though.

It was a busy day, so for the first time in a long time, there were… lift lineups. No one seemed to care, though. This time of the year isn’t about crankin’ the vert or makin’ the 360° ally oops (though lots of folks were playing in the Strawberry temporary park, which has the rather ridiculous name “the Straw-JIB-erry park”). It’s about remembering how to do this, catchin’ some rays, and dressing in silly ’70’s vintage ski suits with your buds.

Nice suits. Top of Wawa, 3:25 PM

I met folks from Vancouver and Idaho today, in for opening weekend. They were really happy they came up.

Speaking to patrol and trail crew teams, don’t expect to see any new terrain open soon. Trail crew was up on Divide today, ski packing in a bunch of areas. Patrol was up on Standish doing the same thing.

From the top of Strawberry. 11 AM

Everyone told me another good dump of +30 cm (plus a day or so to get things put in place) was needed to open more stuff. I’m thinking it might come later this week. Cross your fingers.