Nov 16: Powderiffic Early Season

If you were not at SSV today, and you like powder, you REALLY missed out. No matter where I went today, there was 18-30 cm of gloriously dusty fresh floof.

11:40 pm. 18 cm. Just off Wolverine

1 PM. 18 cm. Near Springhill.

35 cm. Strawberry Surprise trees. 2:45 PM

The weather was all over the map today. Temps were pretty stable around -10°, but it ranged from sunny, to overcast and foggy, and all points in between, including snow squalls late in the afternoon.

11:30 off Wolverine. Sun. Cloud.

12:30 PM. “Clear” above, clouds down low.

The village, 1:40 PM. Sun low, cloud high.

2:20 PM. Top of Standish. Great viz.

If you could put up with the variability of the viz (which was seriously all over the map), then the riding was just amazing. My photos only cover the “good” weather, so imagine this riding with a lot less contrast.

2:20 PM. Back of Standish.

Bluebell. 11:50 AM

My partner blasting pow on World Cup Downhill, 12:50 PM

Standish opened today, and there is a LOT of fab riding over there, but in reality, there’s lots of fab riding everywhere. Conditions last weekend were good; today was great. There’s the odd bit of early season stuff to avoid (I avoided the rocks today but my partner didn’t). I lost it in a hole I couldn’t see coming due to the viz; they’re around. Be careful around the top of Standish. The top of Wolverine where everyone stands is getting messy. Piste Noir/Red 90 was actually good, if bumpy; no real rocks to avoid. Just ride with care and all will be fine.

Coming tomorrow? You should. It’s gonna be awesome, and there was lots of untracked left behind everywhere. The sun is even supposed to come out, meaning you’ll be able to see it.