Nov 17: Pure sun, pure fun

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky today for almost the whole day.

2:55 PM Top of Strawberry

And what that meant is that you could actually see all the powder that fell yesterday.

10:55 AM. Backside of Standish

10:10 AM. Bye Bye Bowl

12:40 PM. Assiniboine Trail

I don’t think anything new opened today. I saw a lot of folks doing strange things, though. For instance, in search of fresh tracks, about two dozen people did super high traverses from Piste Noir to the rocks of Viking Ridge and Hill 205 to Angel Flight. A bunch of folks ducked under the fences above Boundary Bowl only to find 6″ of snow on rocks; the tracks all led back to safety of Piste Noir. Folks seriously have to realize that, as I have said many times before: it’s in the hill’s best interest to open every square inch of terrain that they can. Anything closed is closed for a reason.

Patrol ski cutting on North Pocket created a Size 0.8 avalanche that almost ran to the bottom of the Angel Traverse. Sluffs came off the South Pocket while ski packing, too. Trail crew is working very hard to open the upper and middle sections of the Ecstasy face; lots of cat packing has been done, but there are many, many steel posts to remove. That will be a while.

The clear skies made for a chilly day. I spent an hour this morning standing around in the village in -13° and was quite cold as a result (but it was pretty…)

9:15 AM. Park jibbers start early.

9:30 AM. Sunrise on Goat’s Eye.

Coming Sunday?

  1. Back. Side. Of. Standish. (Upper Little Bunkers) Get there before anyone else finds it.
  2. Lower Gully of Bye Bye Bowl. Access it from Angel or Tee Pee. Still fresh pow tracks to be found.
  3. Assiniboine Trail.
  4. Wave. I’ll be there again, up in the village early. Come on tour with me. We’ll have fun.

As an extra added bonus, not only am I working tomorrow (so will report tomorrow), I’m up Monday, too, and will report then. It’s a four-peat!