Nov 19: Sunny, “warm” and wonderful

This is a VERY abbreviated report, as due to work commitments, I got all of 6 runs in today, all on Standish or Strawberry.

Any time it’s -1° at 2 PM, in beautiful sunshine, with lovely snow, it’s a good day — and that was today. My work prevented me from getting photos, but it was bluebird sunshine, and when it’s bluebird, it always looks great.

So as a twist… since folks always ask about how this year compares to previous years, I give you 2 years ago today: November 19, 2016. I seriously can not see any consequential differences to today.

It’s just a snapshot in time.

Looking at 2017, it was cloudier, and all I can show is that the rocks on the top of Standish look just like the rocks on Standish always do at this time of year!

November 18, 2017

The only update I can give from yesterday’s report is that the snow felt a bit stiffer today. The overnight lows of -6° to -8° don’t seem cold enough to have been the culprit, nor did we have enough sunshine yesterday to cause a sun effect. However, I did notice softening even in the short time I was on the hill. A typical Monday crowd meant that none of the powder pockets I mentioned yesterday were seeing consequential  traffic, so they’re still around.

After 4 days on the hill, I’m backlogged with “home” work, so I’ll be back with your Friday report as usual. Stay tuned!