Nov 23: Grey and snowy

I’m an idiot. I’ve know it for a long time, and proved it today. I remembered my goggles but forgot my spare lenses. So I only had my full sun, dark lenses in on a day that looked like this:

12:40 PM. On Wawa somewhere, probably.

It was like skiing in a giant bowl of cauliflower soup anywhere above treeline — and socked in above top Ange/TeePee — but made much worse by my having the wrong lenses in.

Divide from the top of Strawberry. 12:10 PM

In fact, it seemed like a good day to shoot in black & white.

Noon. It’s snowing here.

About the only smart thing we did was start our day playing on Wolverine, where the viz was fine and the snow was pretty darned good.

10:45 AM. Riding Wolverine

11:10 AM. Yours truly, Bluebell.

Looking down Bluebell.

You can kinda make out in the above photo that Goat’s Eye’s miles away from opening. Trail Crew is focused on getting the Ecstasy face open. I do wish we could do something about the area just below Wolverine top. It gets just a ton of traffic, many of whom scrape it down, and it was really not nice at 1:15 pm today.┬áStill, we have 70 runs open now, and more each day. I REALLY wanted to check out the powder on Borderline, but it was a fog bowl so I didn’t risk it.

It snowed the whole time we were there today (full disclosure: we left at 1:15 PM). The trick was, the flakes were tiny, so there really wan’t much accumulation. Sunshine’s automated stations are down with a telemetry problem right now, so looking at the Park’s station, there was only maybe 2 cm through the day, on top of 9 cm that fell yesterday. The forecasts I believe are saying we might get a bit more overnight, but not much.

I’m not seeing the weather getting much better for tomorrow, so do yourself a favour and bring lower light lenses if you’re coming tomorrow…