Nov 24: Back to bluebird, and back to pow

The nice part about bluebird days is you get to see what happened in the last few days to the snowpack (which I couldn’t see yesterday). And what I could find was not only the ~4 cm that fell yesterday but the ~8 cm that fell on Thursday. It looked like this:

Nice… but black and white?

Yeah… I shot a lot of shots on the wrong camera setting today. Duh. Beats wearing the wrong goggles.

1:20 PM. Backside of Standish.

The Trail Crew pulled 560 steel posts in the last 3 days, and between them and Patrol, they got the Ecstasy face open, AND Hill 205 and Angel Flight. Huge props to both teams.

9:45 AM. Hill 205.

I got one run in the Ecstasy before lunch (many after that), and it was just great.

11:00 AM. Ecstasy.

There was some untracked over on the left side of Bye Bye Bowl which was riding well.

12:30 PM. Pretty. Nice to have it all to myself.

As I mentioned, I rode Ecstasy a few times. If you were daring (and careful) enough to cut left immediately after the left side rope on the Ecstasy face, you could access the Big Angel trees or, by traversing carefully, get to lower OS Pitch, which was untracked and looked like this (before and after).

2:15 PM. I’m liking it.

Looking down.

Looking back. A bunch of those are mine.

As the day progressed, more high wispy clouds came in, but only up at the peak of Divide, and never bothering you much.

12:50 PM. Off World Cup Downhill, in black and white again.

It got up to 7° today with practically no wind, and for parts of the afternoon, it felt much warmer as the sun did it’s thing. You sure noticed when the sun went away, though.

It was sure disappointing today to watch ~500 people ignore the Area Closure and take the Ski Out. I can only say one thing: it’s closed for a reason. Please respect that.