April 5: Gobs of snow

The hill was reporting 17 cm and I found 5 cm to 45 cm, and played most of the day with snow curling over my knees, with at least one solid chest shot.

Although not that busy (A Lot only ~60% full) I was surprised how much was tracked by the time we stared down our first run at 10:45. Even Goat’s Eye was busy.

Left side of Old Chute

Nonetheless, there was lots o’ powder to be found.

25 cm in the Scapegoat glades

Not everything was untracked, but there was enough untracked to make everyone happy. They cracked the SS chutes around 11:15, and the hoards went in. I waited probably 2 laps and still had mostly untracked, boot top or better fresh curling up over my knees on the entrance route. And then there was the glory of the left side runs like Renegade.

It's always so busy over here

Another obligatory "powder and no one there" shot

The sun kinda tried to come out on Goat’s Eye most of the day, successfully enough to provide good viz until ~3 PM. The upper mountain somewhat less so. The top (basically above to top of Angel) was mostly socked in all day, and got REALLY foggy by 2 PM. Still, we managed 2 runs in fading viz in Bye Bye Bowl after lunch. There was a ton of snow (and no traffic) in the Bowl.

~45 cm in Bye Bye

Alas, the viz did not allow for too much playing up there. Still, there were other spots to play, like, for instance, OS Pitch.

That little speck is me, up to my knees in joy

It snowed a bit in the AM, then snowed steadily all afternoon. This is what greeted me in the parking lot on the way home:

Kinda like a pole test, only using a VW

So if the hill isn’t reporting at LEAST 10 cm overnight, I will be surprised.

The snow today was a little heavier and a lot slower than normal. Temps all day stayed around -5°, so I suspect it’s a bit wetter than we’re used to. Welcome to spring.

Coming tomorrow? It is, after all, a long weekend.

  • Powder boards please.
  • It will be busy. Arrive early, please.
  • Look up. Find snow. Be happy. Ride safe. Don’t cut me off (like someone did today).