Feb 10: Groomers in the blue

I heard it snowed in Calgary today. Not at Sunshine. Another beautiful blue sky day.

Beaming brighness

Vast expanses of whiteness

A bit of inversion gave -10° in the parking lot, -8° in the village and -5° up top with virtually no wind, but neither the sun nor the temps softened the snow. So it was a “cruise the groomers” day, with some (like Boundary Bowl) being particularly fine. It was a pretty quiet Friday, too, with A lot only filled about 50%, to the end of C Lot.

Those of you who play in the back country need to be aware of the following. Take a peek at the hoar layer that has formed in the last few days.

It's everywhere, including the groomed stuff

It's about half an inch thick

And it's rather pretty

If we get the snow we need, the new stuff will fall off this layer SO fast it will make your head spin. Play safe if we get snow.

Coming tomorrow?

  • I have the day off from hosting, so you won’t see me (for a change)
  • Find a groomed run. Ride it.
  • Bring sunscreen & sunglasses.
  • Pray for snow.
  • Stay the heck away from the South Side chutes. Think twice about going down the Cleavage Traverse