Feb 6: The Aftermath of a Spring Weekend

Follow a weekend of spring temperatures and snow with a cold day and you get: a groomer day. The only way the conditions could have been good today was if (1) the sun came out, and was warm, or (2) it snowed a bunch. I give you the AM on the top of Goat’s Eye.

Not sunny. Not warm.

It was in fact snowing for a bit, but only down in the valley (it quit before the Sunshine Coast traverse), and less than 2 cm landed. So while it was a groomer day, at the start, you couldn’t even see the groomers, at least not up high.

And it was cold. The thermometers all showed between -5° and -10° all day, but it felt at least 10° colder than that.

It did clear up eventually and was sunny after lunch.

From the top of Strawberry

All that sun made clear the damage done by the weekend crowds, sun and warm temps. Powder? Fugeddaboutit. Even lines well outside the boundary are fully tracked up.

Tracked out beyond the boundary fence

The tiny amount of powder we did find wasn’t all that nice, either, with a bit of a sun crust on top. And that warm weekend sun? Well, it turned some runs with thin coverage to no coverage.

Lots of exposed dirt between Angel Flight and South 205, and the top of 205 is now rock

Looking up, I’m betting the high traverse from Wildside to Farside is now unusable. In fact, pretty much anything in the south side chutes would be not nice right now.

Because off the groomed was not the place to be. We tried the edges of Boundary Bowl, figuring today’s sun would soften it early. Wrong. It was like skiing in large pile of ice cubes — many of which were glued to the moguls. About the only ungroomed stuff that was palatable was Silver Scapegoat and the lower section of Red 90. Lots of ungroomed things were downright vile, including the Ecstasy face, Wildfire, lower Old Chute, Upper Afterburner and Upper Freefall, and the small bit of Bye Bye we braved.

Cross your fingers and hope for snow — lots of it — or warmer temps and sun. Soon.

A quiet day. Work in the Back/Staff Lot caused all the staff to move to A lot, but it wasn’t even 30% full.