Feb 9: Ice blue

Another Tooney Thursday means we were at Norquay again, this time on a blue sky day with perfect temps (-2°) and no wind. MUCH busier than last time with the main lot full (by 11 AM) and the overflow lot in use.

Norquay hasn’t had snow in a week but with Norquay it’s hard to tell anyway, since it’s mostly man made anyway. We did not make it up the North American chair this time; the very brief forays we made onto the natural (moguled) stuff we found down low were icy hardpacked too, so if big solid bumps are your thing, go for it.

Looking down the valley towards Canmore

The top pitch of Giv'r Grandi, scraped and icy by 2 PM

Looking up the Cascade Valley

They had some problems with the Mystic chair for about 45 min in the morning, which made for big lines at Spirit and Cascade. All returned to normal once Mystic restarted.

Typical Norquay conditions of good on the groomed in the morning, and scraped and icy in steeper spots (like Giv’r Grandi and Banshee) in the PM. No race training going on today, though Rob’s Run was fenced on the sides for it.