This video doesn’t have any big pow turns but the guy is wearing skis so in my books that still counts!  Austin prefaces the video with the following comment, ” Got up close and personal once again with one of my favourite mountains in the world, Mt. Currie. I spent my entire childhood playing on trails, in fields and by rivers while Currie loomed high overhead like a protector of our valley. Each time I’m on Currie, whether with skis, my paraglider or hiking boots, I feel a great connection with the mountain.  My most recent adventure was a heli drop with Luke, Alex and Dirt. We hopped in the chopper from Pemby airport and caught a lift to the col by the first summit (West Face). Alex and Luke brought speedwings and were able to fly with the terrain until about 4000 feet where the ditched and landed over the Green River at the golf course. Chris aka Dirt and I caught lift off launch and were suspended in the crisp, stable air for around 30 mins before touching back down in the valley.”  If you like this video you can find more on Austin’s Blog.  I think I’ll be checking back regularly.

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