If you can complete the next line then congratulations… you’re old.  I bet you can quote lines from Bugs Bunny too.  But young and old, we can all get excited about what’s going on in California.  It’s been nearly a week since a powder alert came in on my app so it was quite a relief to see 25cms at Squaw Valley and 30cms at Kirkwood.  Squaw Valley has had nearly 100cms for the week!!  All the resorts around Lake Tahoe must be really sweet right now.Screenshot 2014-12-20 13.04.28

I posted a great shot from Vail on the powderwatch facebook page last week – at the time they were getting major snowfall.  They only have about 10cms in the last 2 days but they just posted this killer shot.  My guess is that someone took it last.  It still rocks though.


Now in the Canadian Rockies we really haven’t had anything big to get excited about for a couple weeks now.  But this photo submitted from Fernie this morning has my adrenalin kicking it up a notch.  They’re reporting 12cms of fresh snow today – that’s actually pretty good considering how dry it’s been this week.Screenshot 2014-12-20 12.29.44

Judging by the webcam images it’s still snowing a bit right now.  That will keep the surface fresh for tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I won’t be driving down there any time soon.  But if you make it to Snow Valley we’d love to hear from you or have you share a few of your pics with us.  Your input is so much more fun and informative than a web cam shot.Screenshot 2014-12-20 13.06.45

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