This was a big event for Revelstoke this season. It was the only resort in Canada to host the event and one of two in North America. In the event skiers and snowboarders compete to put together the most spectacular run in some pretty extreme terrain. Judging is summarized as follows:

Only one unique score, “the overall impression,” will determine the riders’ final score. Judges use a point system of a hundred increments from 0.0 to 10.0 to evaluate the run. The line, air & style, fluidity, control, and technique are the five judging criteria.
Line: where in the face/difficulty/originality/use of terrain
Air&Style: number of jumps/size/tricks/style/landings
Fluidity: relative speed/stops/hesitations/unnecessary crossing/hiking
Control: riding control issues
Technique: bad turns/power turns/side slipping/backseat riding/counter rotation/bad or good slough management.

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