I’m very excited to have received my first powder alert of the season from my AllSnow App.  They’re reporting 21 cms in the last 24hrs and by the looks of Gnorm the snow looks deep and fluffy!Screenshot 2014-11-22 15.53.09

It’s opening day for the Stoke next weekend so be there early if you want the best skiing of the weekend.  Sunshine Village had awesome conditions on opening day thanks to generous accumulations of snow in the weeks prior to the big opener.  But as with any powder day you have to be there early and ski like a mad fiend until everything is tracked.  It gets me giddy just thinking about those days.

This afternoon I just released my Bio Unit Content Crawler (BUCC) which scanned various online sources for hints as to how conditions are shaping up in the mountains.   In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) – sorry, last acronym – the conditions in Utah are looking pretty sweet right now.  This shot is from one of my favourites, Solitude.  It’s tracked but coverage looks really good.

Screenshot 2014-11-22 15.39.53This shot from Alta also looks extremely inviting.  Hey Calgarians!  Time to fire up the VW bus and head for Utah.  You may not make it home due to a mechanical breakdown but hopefully you’ll get there without any roadside assistance.

Screenshot 2014-11-22 15.40.15



I didn’t find anything particularly inspiring from Lake Louise or Sunshine but there is snow in the forecast for next week.  Keep an eye out for that event!

The post header is a killer shot from Whistler – that dude is blasting through some west coast powder.  Those kinds of conditions are why I love Whistler!  But the kinds of conditions shown below are why I’m happy to live in Alberta.  Not that we don’t get lift lines… but there’s really no comparison is there?Screenshot 2014-11-22 15.39.13


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