I just spent the last hour hanging Christmas lights in the dark – up on a ladder leaning precariously to one side with the feet anchored in about 8cms of slushy corn snow.  Glad to be alive!  Now I have a moment of pure relaxation for the first time in over a week and I’ll use this time to get caught up on my powder watchin’.  Let’s get caught up with Revelstoke as they’re open for the season and have had almost 50cms of snow in the last week.  Screenshot 2014-12-10 21.02.48It was a Revelstoke powder alert from my AllSnow app that caught my attention yesterday.  It was the first alert I’d received from our side of the border since the last big storm over a week ago and I was surprised to see they had so much snow last week.  Sunshine and Louise were both under 10cms for the week.  However, I’m not sure it would be worth the drive to Revy if your looking for better snow.  My buddy made the trek to Kicking Horse last weekend and he said the snow was good but the base was still pretty thin.  He wasn’t happy with the rock and stump hazards that will need a few more good snowfalls to cover up.  Like most of Alberta and BC, it’s been warm at Revy and the snow will likely be well packed out by the weekend.  My god, the forecast for Fernie tomorrow is +10C.  We’re all having spring skiing in December.  Getting back to Revelstoke, the snowfall tracker shows that they’re just having average early season snowfall.  I need above average to drive for 5 hours through the mountains in winter.Screenshot 2014-12-10 21.23.15



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