This season I’ll be posting my favorite powder skiing (and riding) videos in blog format.  The youtube viewer worked well last year but it didn’t allow me to comment on why I liked the video, where it came from, and what it’s about.  For example, I may post a video that shows fairly recent conditions at one of your favorite resorts or backcountry areas or I might just pick something that I think is really cool.  I prefer amateur videos because they tend to provide recent and local images – but there are some pros that I follow as well.  If you have a video or saw one that is funny, amazing, or beautiful then send me a tip and I’ll check it out.

To get things started I’m going to put up one of the videos I created last season (shameless self promotion).  This vid combines some footage I shot at Roger’s Pass and Black Prince in K-country.  In this the big powda is from Black Prince where it had snowed 30cms overnight and kept coming down throughout the day.  Many of the PW regulars have probably already watched this one but I need something to get the party started.

Hope you enjoy the new format!

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