I haven’t been posting many videos this season (none actually) because it can bit a bit tedious watching a whole bunch of bad videos before stumbling across a real gem.  But I had a bit of time to kill tonight and I think I found a few good ones for you.  My focus is one Whitewater tonight because they always have great powder days and they had 42 cms in on Jan 5/6.  A couple powder days will usually result in a few Go Pro videos popping up in Youtube or Vimeo.

Let’s start with this video from Jamie Perchie.  Sweet, sweet powder!  I’m a little jealous because it’s been a few years since I had a day like that.  They are few and far between – for me anyway.
Winter Break from Jamie Perchie on Vimeo.

Next I have a more polished and professional piece from North Cascade Productions.  This was posted one month ago.  Did they really have snow like that in early December?

Whitewater from North Cascade Productions on Vimeo.

And for a bit of fun I’m going to drag up a video I posted back in October of 2013.  It’s a segment from Sweet Grass Production’s ‘Valhalla’ movie.  If you’ve never tried diving naked into the snow then you probably don’t have a true appreciation for just how cold it would be to crash in deep powder without any space age fibres between you and the white stuff.

Naked Ski and Snowboard Segment from VALHALLA from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.

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