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I have a friend and colleague that I haven’t spoken to in a long time and one of the Spanish phrases he taught me was, ‘sobre viviendo’ which basically means ‘still surviving’ and is a response to ‘how’s it going?’  I think this is an appropriate description for Lake Louise.  After nearly a week of heavy Christmas traffic and virtually no replacement snow since the week before Christmas, the conditions were once again surprisingly good.  There are plenty of good turns on the mountain although some areas are starting to enter ‘sketchy’ territory.

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Rather than repeat my last post I’m just going to quickly list the runs where I found great snow and fun turns without hitting any rocks.  But first I have to give some kudos to the snow management team at Louise.  I was skiing with Big E yesterday and she really loves Larch.  When I’m not skiing with her I don’t go anywhere near Larch.  Powderwatch Relationship Tip: it’s important to ski your partner’s favourite runs and pretend that you think they’re great even if you think they’re kinda boring.  This will ensure you have many happy days in the mountains together.  When Larch has fresh powder it can be fun, especially the bumps on Larch Poma.  But with the massive line ups at Larch chair and the lack of snow this week I was expecting a skating rink on Larch.  Trust me.  There are many times that I’ve skied Larch and it’s covered in patches of blue ice.  But there was 3-4cms of man made snow on top of a heavily groomed surface.  There was hardly any ice and the turns were actually a lot of fun.  So thanks Louise Operations for making one of my less favourite runs an enjoyable experience.

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OK.  Let’s get on with the list of runs with great snow.  Headwall next to the Summit Platter had some rock pile that you needed to navigate but otherwise had a nice soft surface.  Brown shirt (another of Big E’s favourites) was just as good as it was a few days ago when I skied it with Bern.  I didn’t ski them myself but I was told that the Gully’s had opened a few days ago and had some of the best snow on the mountain.  The hike into boundary bowl was well worth the effort and the scenery was spectacular on such a bluebird day.  Cowboy and ER3 and probably, any run on this face, were still in great shape.  Meadowlark was getting a tiny bit scraped off and moguls were starting to reform in places but it was still super fun.

On my last post I noticed that from the shots I posted the mountain looked empty.  But it was seriously crawling with people.  I decided to include a shot of the base line up just so you know I’m not making it up when I said the place was packed.  See???

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