Louise is reporting 7cms overnight and 17cms in the last 24hrs.  However, a quick look through the web cams this morning reveals a distinctly groomed feel to the mountain.  It certainly doesn’t look like an awesome powder day to me.  Even this shot of the Top of the World chair leaves me wondering, “where’s the snow?”   louise1

Now let’s take a look at the Sunshine Village snow stake… this basically the same as where it was when I checked last night.  Sunshine is only reporting 7cms in the last 24hrs and that’s what you see on the stake – roughly.  I’m doubtful that the freshies we hoped for will be available at the Shine this morning.  But perhaps the Ryder report will shed some light on that for us.



I’m not really disappointed that the Storm Warning failed to deliver some powdy this morning.  After all, I’m sitting at a desk under artificial light with no windows anywhere in sight.  However, if I was playing in the mountains today I would be ecstatic because… look at that blue sky!!!  It is going to be an incredible day out there, worthy of sunscreen, outdoor barbeques, pitchers of beer on a picnic table, and live outdoor music for Apres ski.  Spring skiing will be at it’s best today and for the next few days as it starts to warm up.  They’re predicting highs of 21C in Calgary by Friday and 13C in Banff.   It will be a tough call this weekend to pick spring skiing over spring riding (as in bike riding).   So… if you’re up at Sunshine this morning I challenge you not to get inspired by the incredible mountain scenery.  It will be a great day!



If you’ve been following the snow forecast this week you’ll have noticed that it was supposed dump considerably today.  I checked the webcams at Lake Louise and Sunshine this afternoon and there was no evidence of the kind of heavy snowfall I’m looking for.  This evening the snow stake at Sunshine shows a little over 5cms of new snow.  I must add that the webcam images look decidedly damp.  I’m guessing that rain was a factor up to fairly high elevations. But there is still a snowfall warning in effect this evening with 15-20cms forecast at higher elevations.  Check the snow report in the morning and you may be pleasantly surprised!Screenshot 2015-04-14 20.55.19


I’ve heard conflicting reports about the conditions in the mountains lately – too icy, too wet, etc.  It’s possible that I’ve just been very lucky but the skiing the last two sundays has been stellar!!  Last Sunday Lake Louise had only received 10-15cms but it was enough to rescue a very hard surface underneath the new snow.  There weren’t too many fresh turns but there were some and the low volume of skier traffic ensured that the powder wasn’t completely trampled by 1pm.  The only real problem was the low visibility when the frequent snow squalls passed through.

Screenshot 2015-04-14 20.56.24


This shot from last Wednesday shows that there was still a lot of great snow left from the 40cm dump the received the previous Saturday.  (Did I mention I skied that Sunday?  Yeah it was awesome !)

Screenshot 2015-04-14 20.40.12


This is another shot from last Wednesday showing an abundance of snow and some pretty decent photo composition.Screenshot 2015-04-14 20.39.28


But getting back to the conditions last Sunday…  this is a shot on the front side below Sunset Terrace.  Yes, we are experiencing February powder in April!  It’s been a crazy year…

Screenshot 2015-04-14 21.11.19


This shot was taken looking back up to the summit during one of the many breaks in the nasty weather.  We even had some sunshine around lunch time but I didn’t get the camera out of my pocket to capture the evidence.Screenshot 2015-04-14 21.14.01

I hope of shown you enough to prove to you that normal spring conditions cannot be expected this week.  With more snow overnight you can expect really nice winter powder for a few more days before the typical melt / freeze cycle of spring returns.  Until then, enjoy the fantastic conditions.  You deserve it if you’re still skiing after such a crappy season 🙂

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