Sometimes when you’re skiing you get in over your head and find yourself crapping your pants on a piste that will likely end your life or cause certain injury – like the one that dude is skiing in the post header.  It’s a shot from Whistler, maybe Sudan Couloir?  I’m sure everyone has found themselves in that situation at least once or twice.  There was a time when I almost skied off a cliff heading through some trees on our way over to Harmony Bowl at Whistler.  I turned hard and grabbed the last tree before the precipice that was only about 6 feet away.  Another time I took my wife down a run at Revelstoke that had a nasty cliff.  She was gripped when she saw the ‘Cliff’ warning sign and I tried to calm her fears by saying if it was a big cliff they’d have it roped off instead of a tiny little sign.  I insisted it was probably just a little drop.  Well I was wrong and anyone one skiing off that cliff would likely be air lifted off the mountain.  To add insult to injury… when I finally coaxed her down a safe route the run spit us out on ‘Kill The Banker’ – way above her skill level.

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Last week I experienced what I consider one of life’s little cliffs and I’m still working my way down the safe route.  The whole experience has left me feeling very small and vulnerable in a way very similar to when I’m skiing across a big avalanche slope.  It’s quite amazing what life can throw at you sometimes to test your strength.  Now I’m not saying any of the events I’m about to describe were beyond ‘nuisance’ level but the sheer coincidental nature of them makes me wonder how you can sometimes attract negative incidents like an electro-magnet.

Groomers at Jackson Hole - the horror!

Groomers at Jackson Hole – the horror!

It all began with a personal conversation with a very dear friend that was the kind that nobody wants to have.  I was accused of having too much negativity regarding his life situation.  Of course I was being negative, but I thought I was providing him with a warning and some advice that would help him out of a difficult life situation of his own.  That conversation was disturbing enough on its own.  Then in the middle of the night a pipe burst in our bathroom and flooded the second floor.  It was extremely lucky that it happened while we were there but there was still hardwood floor damage and drywall damage to the living room ceiling.  That same night our pup, Rio, started to vomit.  This continued in the morning until we rushed him to the vet hospital.  They fixed him up but it was expensive to say the least.  Other minor calamities that occurred in the days that followed:  breaking a key off in the lock to our garage, losing a half day’s worth of work due to a word document crash, and the Ryder Report blog database disappearing.  I’m still in the process of repairing the Ryder Report and I sincerely hope I didn’t lose any of his posts.  But in my panic I also corrupted my main Powderwatch blog and I’m having to rebuild it – hence the missing images that you may have noticed.

All the things I described have been dealt with or are in a state of repair, including this website.  Please bear with me though.  I have friends visiting from Ontario this weekend so it may not be until next week before I get everything back to where it was.

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