My post last Thursday under Canadian Rockies Snow was admittedly dismal.  Then as January ended the conditions took a major turn for the better.  Judging by the Ryder report the snow at Sunshine last weekend was really good and continued to improve all week.  Today I received a powder alert from Sunshine stating that 38cms had fallen in the last 4 days.  I also received an email from Derek Ryder informing me that I’d missed a ton of fun today.  Well I’ll have you know that I had a pretty awesome day at work today…  yeah, whatever.  It was a great day but nothing can compare to an amazing powder day so, yes, I’m jealous.

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Anyway, I’m not going to steal the thunder from the Ryder Report.  Head over there and you’ll be stoked to ski Sunshine on Friday.  I’m planning to ski Louise on Saturday and this will be my second outing of the year.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve had such a lame ski year – and I can blame it on conditions to some degree but the reality is that having a puppy changes your life.  I have a couple buddies at work that have new born babies this year and the impact is very similar.  These are guys that were out every weekend and have now scaled back to my current level of snow consumption.  But enough lamenting 🙂  Let’s have some fun like they do down at Solitude!!

Solitude, Utah - Woot!!

Solitude, Utah – Woot!!

Lake Louise should be pretty good this weekend but maybe not quite as good as Sunshine.  They’re reporting 26cms in 7 days and 16cms in the last 48hrs. There’s snow forecasted all day tomorrow so if I were a smart man I’d be heading out tomorrow to enjoy the freshies.  But I’m a big dummy so I’ll go to work and ski Saturday with the rest of the working stiffs.  But it will still be fun because it will only be my second time out.  I can’t wait!!


Louise on Jan 24th.  Wait a minute... I thought conditions were poor in Jan.

Louise on Jan 24th. Wait a minute… I thought conditions were poor in Jan.

Kicking Horse is reporting 13cms today, 36cms for the week, and their weather data shows that snow has been accumulating all evening.  Could a sweet sweet morning in Golden tomorrow.  But if you care to spend a couple more hours on the highway you’ll find even more snow in Revy.  They’re reporting 24cms in 24hrs and 54cms for the week.

Kicking Horse always posts amazing powder shots!

Kicking Horse always posts amazing powder shots!

There’s plenty more to talk about this evening! It’s been snowing from Whistler to F

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