This time last week the forecast was for a heavy snow at Whistler and possibly some of that would make it further east into the Rockies by the weekend.  Whistler came up short with only 13cms in the past 7 days.  Since we did get good snowfall in the rockies I have to wonder if all that expected precip fell on Whistler in the liquid state.  Whistler has 491cms of snow so far this season and the normally average close to 1200cms a season.  There’s still several weeks left in the season but I don’t think they’re going to make up the 800cm difference.  What a painful year!

Webcam on Mar 17

Webcam on Mar 17

Although Whitewater received 29cms on Monday, other resorts in the interior such as Big White and Revelstoke were bypassed.  The snow didn’t really start to fall until it hit the Rockies.  Kicking Horse had 29cms, but Panorama and Fernie had 40cms.  But let’s start with Kicking Horse.  This is what the alpine must have looked like on Sun/Mon.Screenshot 2015-03-16 19.34.49


It’s too bad 3 of the 4 bowls at KHMR take you all the way to the bottom because the bottom was looking rather wet.  I’m not sure at what elevation the snow turned to rain but there must have been some soggy BC powder in between the top and bottom.

Screenshot 2015-03-15 17.52.31

Fernie looked better in my opinion.  Although it is notoriously warm down there it does look like they had some pretty fluffy snow in the 41cms that fell over 2 days.  This is how I like Fernie…

Screenshot 2015-03-16 19.33.01


Now for some reason Pano doesn’t get anywhere near the annual snowfall that Fernie gets and I wouldn’t call it a great resort for powder days.  Kicking Horse is only an hour north of Pano but they seem to get a lot more powder days.  I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for this but I’m just going to say it’s because Golden has more leprechauns.  At any rate, Pano kicked the Horse’s butt this week with 41cms in 2 days.

Screenshot 2015-03-18 21.57.32



Closer to home, Lake Louise had 10-15cms of new snow but from this webcam shot it looks like it was pretty wet on Sunday.  Check out the Ryder report for the details, but it sounds like there was some good snow but a bit too much wetness at Sunshine to make Sunday an epic day.  So based on all the verifiable dampness in the mountains I’m going to surmise that even Fernie and Pano were probably good and wet on the lower half of the mountain.  That said, I’ve skied Fernie when it was pissing rain at the lodge and the skiing in Lizard bowl was fantastic (except for the lightening and thunder). Screenshot 2015-03-15 17.56.10




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